Tokenomics - YFEthereum
YFETH logo
Ticker: YFETH​
Chain: Ethereum smart contract (ERC-20)
Initial Circulating Supply : 9889 YFETH (13% of 75,000 Total Supply)

YFETH Protocol :

  • Follows the same protocol as Ethereum.
  • 1000x lesser supply than Ethereum
  • 2% of every transfer/transaction of YFETH will be burned

Deflationary Mechanics YFETH:

  • 2% of YFETH will be charged as transfer/transaction fees, in which 6% will go to Devs and 94% will be permanently burned. This is to maintain a higher reward 2x/1.5x ratio for YFETH/ETH & ETH/USDT & USDC/ETH.
  • ​YFSWAP will integrate staking, and BNB rewards which will be distributed on a weekly basis. More information to be shared.
  • ​YFSwap may have lottery system (Coming soon, may change)
  • ​YFSwap may have mobile version (Coming soon, may change)

How to obtain YFETH:

  • Obtain UNI V2 LP token from Uniswap for recognised pairings and start to farm at yfswap.finance.
    [Upcoming soon]
Please make sure that your liquidity is at Uniswap V2 (UNI-V2).
🧙‍♂️ Note: Recognised pairings to farm YFETH will be shown in YFSwap Menu. Learn more about YFETH pairings & rewards in 👉 this articles.