YFBtc.net Farming (menu)
94.4% of 21,000 Total Supply ONLY can be obtain through yield farming
The YFBTC Farms (Menu) are located here:
YFBTC token smart contract has been audited & certified by Certik.
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The Farm allows users to yield farm YFBITCOIN [YFBTC] rewards with each new block based on staking UNI-V2 LP tokens they received from uniswap.
Did you know that only 5% initial supply of YFBTC were distributed in early stage and the remaining 95% of YFBTC can ONLY be obtain through yield farming?
📣 LP pools on Uniswap will be migrated to YFSWAP when the TLV reaches USD10million (dependant on governance protocol).
Farmers select menu of their choice.
When farming, farmers will receive a new distribution of YFBTC with every block. In the first genesis month of launch the rewards will be 0.026 YFBTC per block, divided by the proportional share of the pool. The exception to this was the "YFBTC Party!" pool which had an additional 2x bonus. After the first month the reward is set to drop to 0.00052(estimated) YFBTC per block which is approx 5x lesser than first genesis month. The APY calculation is based on the return in ETH to the daily USD value, based on current block return annualized. It is not a fixed return, it is not a promised return, it is not financial advice. It is based on ETH returns.

What pairings can you farm for YFBTC​

  • Add Liquidity of YFBTC-ETH V2-LP to earn YFBTC 20x earning rewards
  • Add Liquidity of BITTO-ETH V2-LP to earn YFBTC 4x earning rewards
  • Add Liquidity of wBTC-ETH V2-LP to earn YFBTC 1x earning rewards
  • Add Liquidity of UNI-ETH V2-LP to earn YFBTC 1x earning rewards
Please make sure that your liquidity is at Uniswap V2 (UNI-V2). Yield farming for YFBTC only support liquidity pool provided in UNI-V2.